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My Favorite List of Links

Dirtbikes & More
My Dirtbike Page
"Walker Pics"
Walker Pics
My Photo Album
Walker Pics
New Pics
Pics from N.C.
Scrap Book
People we've met in Coonhound Central
Micky's homepage
Things she likes
Coonhound Site
Blazerz's home page
Coonhound Site
Blueboys home page
Coonhound Site
Curs1 Homepage
Coonhound Site
ScottP's Homepage
Tracks Magazine
Coonhound Magazine
Good Coonhunting site with lots of links
In Memory Of
Page dedicated to our fallen four legged freinds
A Great Coonhunting Site--chat,message board,photos,links & more
Sound Market
A Country Music chat room
Hobo's Coon Site
Swamp Music Kennel
Hobo's Coonhunting Site
Chat Room
Come On In!
D&D's Red Clay Kennel
Good Coonhunting Site
Coonhound Central
chat forum for coonhunters
More Pictures
The newest Pictures I have added.
Creekside Old Fashioned Redbones
Nice Looking Redbones

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This is Sherri's "PET" Coon! :-)

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